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Meet the Photographer

Hello!  I am a mother of two beautiful, incredible boys who keep me very busy, and who inspired me to start photography years ago with their cute little faces! My husband is amazing, and supports me in everything that I do.  I love having a creative outlet like photography and art for the things that I dream up!  

In my photography, I like to create images that are unique and personal.  I can do "regular", but it is really hard to reign my brain in to do just that...because I am naturally always thinking about how I can make your images special.  I like to have time to think about your sessions and plan them carefully.  I like to work with you, your wardrobe, the locations and both of our ideas to create something unique to you that has character and reflects you.  I am slower when shooting.  I like to take my time and make sure that I get more images for you to choose from.  I like to do everything right.  

I love to edit your images and make them look beautiful! This is why I limit the number of images.  I spend a great deal of time on each one making sure that they are perfect and impactful.  This is also where I like to be creative and add special touches. I look forward to meeting you!

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