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    Payment for your session is to be paid in full to book your session. I prefer to use Venmo or Paypal, but I have other options on this website under "services" for your convenience.
    Weather is unpredictable. We will watch the forecast leading up to your session, and determine if we need to reschedule or not. Please keep that possibility in mind if you are getting your hair and make-up professionally done.
    Required 48 hour notice for cancellation. No refunds, and a reschedule will be needed upon cancellation. Emergencies are the only exception.
    I schedule sessions in the early morning or evening due to the sunlight. I always pick a location where the sun will be behind you. If your session is in the city, then there are more options with shade from buildings to expand into a bigger time frame. I do NOT shoot midday, unless there is a specific location that provides shade. Even then it is not optimal. Light is key, so I will be picky on that. Harsh light will make you look bad.
    I am flexible with timing on these.
    I will have to check these out first to make sure that I can have enough light, or to see what gear that I need to bring. This also allows me to visualize and plan.
    Wardrobe is important. Wardrobe can elevate your images if you coordinate with background or location properly. The style and colors can lend a lot to the overall polished look of the image. I am very happy to help you with this. I do have SOME wardrobe pieces to borrow also. Pinterest is a great place to look for inspiration.
    I plan each session carefully, and put a great deal of thought into them. I am always planning on how I can be more creative and give you something that you were not expecting. Headshots are often boring. However, I can still find ways to elevate those and give you more than a basic headshot. All of that will depend on what your headshots will be used for, and then we can plan how to optimize your look for it. Creative portraits are fun. Sky and imagination are the limits according to my ability. We can plan those together.
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